Legendary game Juggernaut
available for iOS, MacOs and Android

jugger best
— Икона видеоигр, MTV
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Beginner's guide

Main sections




Game menu


The main game menu is located on the right of the screen and includes the following buttons:


World Map: World Map - while travelling around the world you will encounter many obstacles and dangers: you will have to capture and defend territory, fight against monsters, collect tributes, search for treasure and much more. More
Character Window Character Screen - here you can find detailed information on your character's condition: how much money it has, what it is wearing, how developed its skills, etc. More...
Shop Shop - here you can acquire armour, artefacts, elixirs and many other useful items.  More
Book of Magic Book of Magic - with the help of this book you can learn the secrets of various schools of magic.. More
Settings Settings - here you can change and personalize your parameters and settings.




When you arrive in a new location, your combat screen will open automatically:


Screen at the start of combat


In the upper screen you can see the sequence of enemies that you will have to defeat to capture the location.

In the central part of the screen there is a combat header, which indicates the current chapter and the name of your current enemy. Beside the name you can see the type of magic to which your enemy is immune.

In the lower centre there is a start fight button; when this is clicked the combat interface will appear and a fight will begin. More


First steps

At the start of the game you will be asked to select a character to play as:


Character selection


The characters differ in terms of their basic attributes and the first spells available to them.


Chapter One After selecting a character, you will end up in the World Map where you will have access to Chapter One. As you progress through the chapter, you will be taught combat techniques, how to create spells and how to dodge enemy attacks, for which you will need Fury, and how to perform an Execution.


As soon as a location has been cleared of monsters, you will have access to the next chapter, but you can always return to the captured territory to find treasure chests and to gather tributes from the locals. To move to the captured territory, click on the red flag. More Completed Chapter



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