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— Икона видеоигр, MTV
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The important update of the game and great plans for the future!


The number of players, who joined the exciting world of Juggernaut, is increasing rapidly.The clang of swords and the roar of the wounded monsters day and night never cease in Radvila! Meanwhile, the developers continue to work tirelessly to make our game more fun and exciting.

We are happy to introduce you to a new patch that includes many important opportunities for the valorous heroes wich opposing terrifying Sovering! New additional chapters and storyline dialogues, new mini-game called "Catch the Star", upgradable equipment from epic to legendary (all the old users will receive 100 points), 6 new achievements and combat rating system are wating for you.

You are now be able to get more money on locations, the algorithm of spawn monsters has changed and amplification ammo will increase your critical stike by 100%. From now you will be able to purchase sets and half-sets, packages of elixirs and publish screenshots of battles and your inventory on Facebook. We facilitated executions for IPhone users, reduced cooldowns on consumables, improved the interface of the store and fixed many bugs.

But that's not all! The next patch is approaching which will add the new hero by the name of Hekata who has her own unique abilities. Also the next patch will feature: mines, where you can mine gold, crystals, skulls and scarabs, a new chapter and more amazing innovations.

Stay tuned - it will be even more fun!

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