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The forthcoming update to version 2.1


Greetings to all the defenders of Radway, we have some fresh news! The next game update is approaching, and not a single hero will fail to be impressed. We are confident that our players will appreciate the new opportunities for brave combat and valiant victories. It will now be much easier and more interesting to play, but let’s discuss one thing at a time.

It is now possible to see the island through the eyes of a new character - Hekate. She, like every character, has her own unique feature that allows her to receive bonuses on money the received in battle.


Incidentally, you can now earn money and other valuables in the new mini-game "The Mine".

There is a new additional chapter – “Toper Burrow”, along with five new achievements, and now you can finally level up to level 35!

Your character’s magic will be a lot more effective – three grades have been added, and you can level up any magical ability.

The level of monsters that attack locations will now be adjusted to your level and will stop changing.

What’s more, the game is now available to our German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Polish gamers, who can download the game entirely in their native language. This time even the subtitles in video clips will be localized. 

Develop your economy, defend your lands against enemy attack, and create your own legend!

This update is expected in early July.

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