Legendary game Juggernaut
available for iOS, MacOs and Android

jugger best
— Икона видеоигр, MTV
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"Juggernaut" will captivate you at first sight
and hold you prisoner forever on!

Juggernaut is a new word in the genre of action RPG! A unique game featuring amazing, spectacular, violent and ferocious battles! You may pummel enemies with powerful spells; attack them with devastating combo hits, use cunning tricks or magic potions. But the most menacing weapon of all will be your own intellect – choose the best tactics, defeat the deadliest adversaries! Rich and elaborate system of character development will not leave indifferent even the most demanding RPG aficionados. Improve your character’s skills, obtain legendary armor, master the secrets of combat magic! The game gives you multiple activities to choose from in accordance with your liking and preference: lockipick treasure chests, collect tributes, study vanquished monsters to seek out the weak spots of their kin, protect civilians. Challenge the great evil that threatens to destroy the world! This truly revolutionary game is nothing less than a breathtaking adventure, with an unparalleled atmosphere of a vehement battle of weapons and magic! Juggernaut: conquer and prevail!

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  • Choose a hero

    You can choose one of five heroes for your triumphant journey across the lands of Haradan. Each hero not only has his own lore but also his own unique combat style!
  • Enter a fight

    One-of-a-kind fighting mechanics makes all battles thrillingly entertaining. Choose the right direction of attack, collect mana, dodge your adversary’s combat spells. Open access to super attacks by using combos. Be quick and always stay on guard – thus defeating epic bosses!
  • Execute your enemy

    Try on a role of executioner! Horrific deathblows will surpass the wildest imagination – and will be turning even more gruesome and violent as you progress in your new trade.
  • Change your appearance

    Your character’s looks depend entirely on the things he’s wearing. Helms, gauntlets, boots, gloves, greaves, cuirasses, pauldrons, belts and weapons – you can switch all of them for more suitable ones, not only thus improving your hero’s fighting skills but drastically changing the way he looks!
  • Seek treasures

    Prefer relying on your brain in addition to your muscles? You can do that! Feel yourself a real tomb raider – get lockpicks aplenty and use them on dozen chests. But keep in mind: the greater the loot the stronger the lock!
  • Save the world!

    Just saving the world is a noble but not too profitable deed. It’s the other way around when those you delivered from evil start paying for protection. Keep an eye on the enemy, don’t let him return to the cleansed areas – and collect tributes from them in exchange for their safety!


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