Legendary game Juggernaut
available for iOS, MacOs and Android

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— Икона видеоигр, MTV
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  • The Juggernaut Era has begun!

    Friends, we are happy to inform you that one of the most stunning and technologically advanced games for mobile devices has been released! Juggernaut: The Revenge of Sovering is available in the AppStore! Regardless of the fact that it is clearly superior to other available games, our game is completely free. All you have to do to start fighting the army that is attacking the island of Radway is to follow the link and install Juggernaut on your IPhone or IPad!
  • The story of the game in a new video!

    Now you can see for yourself how the beautiful Island of Radway is being transformed into a ravaged land populated by monsters! A new, exciting video reveals the tragic history of the events you will encounter in the game. Pictures by skilled artists come to life before your very eyes to show you from where the great evil originates. Find out why you have been chosen for the decisive battle with a terrible enemy!
  • "Juggernaut": New generation of action RPG.

    Welcome all addicts of intense and visually stunning action RPGs! This promo site has been created to present to you project Juggernaut – which we are sure will find a way to your heart and say a new word in the genre! The development process is currently being finalized into closed beta-testing stage; at the same time localization of the game into all popular languages is taking place. You may check the site for some of the Juggernaut’s key features right now. More details on the upcoming hit will be revealed a bit later, stay tuned!
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